CET Group cooperates with Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd
In 2020, CET Group had a cooperation with Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd in Japan - a company with more than 100 years of experience in the field of Japanese Medicine and Pharmacy. Shiseido Pharma's products are present in Vietnam, imported and distributed by CET GROUP Joint Stock Company. Our mission is to accompany Vietnamese people on the path of health care and protection.
All products of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Japan are manufactured on a closed aseptic production line, ensuring hygiene. 100% natural ingredients, mined and shipped the same day, guaranteeing freshness and impeccable quality.
HaQuO Collagen and Natto Kessen are the first 2 products of Shiseido Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd Japan present in Vietnam thanks to the cooperation with CET Group. Products are GMP certified in Japan - Meet safety standards in the land of the rising sun.
HaQuO Collagen and Natto Kessen have been granted business certificates and meet safety standards for users according to Decree 15 - Ministry of Health. Issued by Food Safety Department - Ministry of Health.