Taking vitamins and functional foods to help prevent Covid-19?
According to Associate Professor, PhD, Doctor Pham Nguyen Vinh, taking vitamin formulas and functional foods will not help fight Covid-19.
In the book "Covid-19 and Cardiovascular Disease", Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Pham Nguyen Vinh and doctors of Cardiovascular Center, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, said that taking vitamin formula will not help fight Covid-19.
Several agents (including vitamin C, hydroquinone and antiviral drugs) are currently being tested for their effectiveness in the prevention of Covid-19 but there are no reliable data to confirm this.
Meanwhile, a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is often recommended, not only during the Covid-19 epidemic, to help your body maintain a well-functioning immune system. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more essential nutrients than vitamin pills. Therefore, it is always better to eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits than to try to compensate for the formulated nutrients.
In fact, some people may actually be deficient in specific vitamins or nutrients (micronutrients). In this case, the doctor can give appropriate advice. When taking a vitamin formula, you should make sure the dosage you use does not exceed the recommended amount. Some vitamins can harm you if taken in excess, and some supplements can negatively interact with your heart medications.
Associate Professor, Doctor, Doctor Pham Nguyen Vinh
Director of Cardiology Center, Tam Anh General Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City

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