All ways to protect health during the Covid-19 epidemic season, don't miss it
TNO - F0 home care like; how to go to the market about food hygiene; Improper habits when wearing masks, washing hands also lead to infection... All ways to protect health during the epidemic season are answered here.
It is a health handbook to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic created by a team of doctors, lecturers and youth union members of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City compiled and designed to contribute to propagating and instructing people on how to protect their health during the epidemic season to join hands in combating the current extremely stressful COVID-19 epidemic.
Sharing about the idea of ​​​​a meaningful handbook on how to protect health during this Covid-19 pandemic, Dr. Tran Thuy Khanh Linh (Deputy Dean, Head of Nursing Department, Faculty of Nursing - Medical Technology), (also the leader of the editorial team) said the document was inspired by the observation that the rate of people infected with Covid-19 was increasing, the community still did not have the right practices. In which simple practices such as how to wear it correctly, using a medical mask in public or a cloth mask for the right purpose, how to wash a cloth mask, paying attention to the face, etc. What's on the outside of the mask? Or the problem of washing hands in many places, there is a habit of washing hands in a basin, or using a scoop from water jars to wash... how is that not safe?

Tất tần tật cách bảo vệ sức khoẻ mùa dịch Covid-19 đừng bỏ lỡ - ảnh 1

Cuốn sổ tay sẽ có tất tần tật các kiến thức về cách bảo vệ sức khoẻ mùa dịch Covid-19

According to Dr. Khanh Linh, many people also do not know how to mix the solution to clean the surface, or when going to buy food, how to clean around the food packaging... Items from the community to the people should also be noted to clean before bringing them in, and then after preparing food, they must also clean and sanitize that location. People should also be aware that the Covid-19 virus is very easily present in the air and anywhere that they bring from outside the community. So if people do not pay attention to hygiene when coming back from the market, it can also lead to the risk of infection.

In addition, the occurrence of F0 is increasing and when the Ministry of Health has issued a policy of F0 isolation at home, this F0 person must know how to take care at home, and at the same time help the F0 person calmly handle it. How to avoid cross-infection between family members..
“The highlight of the document is to pay attention to the factors of the patient and the people in general, when being under excessive stress will lead to poor eating and restless sleep, so they need to be focused on psychologically. . This handbook can be used by people in the community but can also be used by health workers to communicate health education to the people. Breathing or movement positions can also be easily applied. For the patient to practice breathing, such breathing exercises will help the lungs expand well and also help distract from confusion, anxiety, and fear. The handbook also has postures to help patients rest comfortably and some exercises to increase endurance, or stretch muscles... with specific illustrations to help patients with mild F0 can look at the documents and do the work. according to; or medical staff distribute this document to the patient", shared Dr. Linh.
The following are all ways to protect health during the epidemic season in the handbook compiled by a team of doctors, lecturers, and youth union members of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City. Don't miss these useful knowledge and skills.